Quick question

what does this mean?? R1(right side): k1 p1, across
R2-4: k1 p1, across
isn’t that all the same

Yep, it is but the reason they did it that way is to set up a series for you to repeat. So instead of them saying repeat row one a gazillion times. They say repeat last 2 rows 10 times (20 rows) Plus the instructions my tell you to stop on either row one or row two.
Basically they are setting up the right side and the wrong side.
As one of the moderators says, “Trust the pattern!!”

And if it’s worked over an odd number of stitches, that may be another reason for wording it that way.

(I’m trying to “see” the knitting in my head just by reading the pattern --) so is that going to make a 1x1 rib pattern then? Or seed stitch?

That depends on the number of stitches. If over an even number of stitches, it will be rib; if over an odd number, it will be seed stitch.

no idea…lol