Quick question

How come in some patterns they say to use circular needles even though you are knitting as if on straight needles??

Im confused…

i know that i just prefer to use circs because they don’t take up as much room and imo are easier to maneuver. was there a certain pattern you were looking at? it would be easier to give a specific answer if you could give us an example. :slight_smile:

I had a pattern that did this for an afghan. I think it had to do with how many stitches were being worked. It was a lot… a [I]lot[/I]. So the space provided on the circulars was preferable to trying to jam them all on straights.

okay so I’m knitting this pattern:


maybe it’s because the handles are i-cords and it would save you from buying two different pairs of needles. but if that’s the case, i don’t know why they would specify the 24". :??

I’ve already started and on straights.

i really don’t see any reason at all why that shouldn’t be fine. but when you start the i-cords, you’ll need to switch to circs or DPNs. i would just knit onto the new needle as you knit the first rows of the handles.

Most things done flat on circs can be done on straights, but some people prefer circs because of the needle feel in the hand or whatever. In this case, there are probably so many stitches that they wouldn’t fit on a 30-40 cm needle, or if they could they would be terribly bunched up, also very heavy on the wrists. Imagine trying to get 300 stitches of a blanket onto a standard straight needle. Tight squeeze.