Quick Question: YO while Pearling?

I am working on a pattern which instructs me to p2tog, YO

Should I wrap the yarn around for the YO as though to purl, or should I do it normally?

Thank you knitting masters!

Hi Miss Moosey,

do the YO as normally.


Are you working on a purl side or are you going into a knit stitch after the YO? If you are going to P2tog, YO and then purl again then you have the yarn to the front of your work, wrap it completely around the needle counterclockwise and then insert the needle tip into the next stitch to purl.

If it’s a knit stitch following the YO then just keep the yarn to the front of your work as if you were going to purl again and then insert the tip of the needle into the next stitch knitwise and complete the knit stitch. Hopefully that helped. :slight_smile: