Quick question/verification

Okeedoke. yes, this is in regards to my other post of the sweater from IK’s I’m making. As Ingrid suggested I just added more sts to make up the 190 they called for and have done the first 7 rows. Now, my question/problem is this:

Row 1: K3, ssk, work in rib to m - fast forward 178 sts to the last 5: k2tog, k3. 1 st dec at each end, 2 sts inc inside each marker. Rows 2,3,4 & 6 k the k’s p the p’s. Row 5: rep row 1.

So here’s my question: On the ssk and the k2tog (btw, this is being done in St st) those are done on the RS and when I k the k’s and p the p’s on the wrong side those 2 dec sts - those would be purled on the wrong side, right?? When I get to them, they sure do look like purled sts cause I did knit them on the RS, BUT since it’s k2 p2 (I’m so sorry if you’re lost by now :aww:) and the first 3 sts are knit then the next one would be a purled st, but I’m supposed to ssk or k2tog that would technically make them knit sts and then their reversed side would be the purl st. Right??

Oy vey, that is one confusing sentence. I only ask this because it’s not looking like the picture in the magazine, that’s where I need verification.

It looks like the sts at the edges are not in the rib pattern anyway. You start the dec rows - K3, ssk and end k2tog, k3. So work the decs as purls on the WS.