Quick question regarding sizes of circular needles

I just bought a pair of circular needles that are 8mm-73.5cm 11 US- 29in
Ok, here’s the question, I was looking for size 16, but couldn’t find any, so I purchased these, which were the largest size. Would these be large enough to knit a basic hat?
Thank you all,

Not that I’m an expert knitter or anything, but I think the 29" would present a problem joining the rounds.

Anyone else?

Is there a way to shorten them?
I went to Michaels and to Wal-mart but couldn’t find a large enough pair.
I’m a bit frustrated because all the needles that I seem to come across are all 29in.

I’ve been using 16" circulars for my hats and those work very well. when doing hats a smaller length circ is best. Or, since you have the 29", check out Amy’s video on Magic Loop knitting, I think this might work for you.

Can you measure your needles for me from tip to tip.

Hmm, couldn’t you just use the magic loop technique to knit your hat?


Check out the first section on knitting in the round. There’s a video that Amy made entitled “Magic Loop knitting: uses one large cable needle.”

You could knit your hat that way, and it would save you having to buy new needles…