Quick Question re:yarn weight

Hi everyone! I recently finished a baby afghan for my newborn that called for sport weight yarn. I ended up liking it so much that I want to make one as a gift for a girlfriend who’s expecting… Anyway, I want to try a different yarn, and I was thinking about using Encore DK since it’s washable and I think that it may look a little nicer than the 100% acrylic that I used for my daughter’s blanket. Do you think that it will make a big difference to substitute the DK for a sportweight? The gauge is not all that important, since it’s just an afghan, but I wasn’t sure how much of an impact it would make. Do you think that the Encore DK would look nice and hold up well? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a durable sportweight yarn that will wash and dry well? Thanks for all your help!

Here is a guide to bookmark.

Encore DK is a light worsted and I’ve used it and like it. I don’t think it will make much difference really since gauge isn’t important in a baby blanket usually.

I love Encore DK! It would make a wonderful baby anything! :thumbsup: In fact, I’ve made two Fair Isle sweaters with it, as well as several kids’ sweaters and baby hats.

Thanks so much for your help – I think that I’m going to try the Encore DK and see how it works out!