Quick question re: sweater

My pattern calls for this XXL top down raglan to be knit on a 24" circular.

The stitches all fit fine, and don’t seem too terribly crowded—but crowded enought that they don’t seem to move around the needle smoothly. It’s not a huge deal, but I have to stop every little while and scoot them on around.

Is this likely to be improved by moving to a 32" needle (which is the next size I have), or will that not make any difference? I think there are enough stitches that the 32 won’t be too long. Assuming that, should I move up to the larger size or is this just the way sweaters go? (it’s my first sweater).

Since you already have the 32" needle, why not go ahead and try it. Just knit onto the longer needle. Once all your stitches are there, knit a few rounds and see if it’s any better/different. If it’s not working out on the longer needle, just knit back onto the 24" needle.

You don’t always have to use the needle length suggested in a pattern if all the sts will fit on another one. I prefer longer than 24" for sweaters, the sts aren’t so close together and I can see them easier.