Quick question please

In my pattern, i have already knit 5 rows each with different instructions. The next row says Knit 13 rnds even.

Does this mean i start counting row 1, 2, 3, 4, …etc. in a
St st.? (even)??
Or does it mean continue counting from row 5,…6, 7, 8, 9,…
until row 13 in a St. st.

Please help. Thanks:muah:

You would count the following rows as 1, 2, 3,… etc to 13. Working “even” usually just means without increases or decreases (shapings). It does not automatically mean st st.

Just from what you’ve written, I would assume that you will be doing st st if you’re knitting in the round, or garter st if you’re knitting back and forth.

Working 13 rounds means you start counting to 13 from this point forward. When you finish your 13 rounds, you would have a total of 18 – 5 original rounds + 13 just worked.

The term “even”, does, indeed mean working with no additional increases or decreases as Wenda explained. However, it also means continuing in whatever stitch pattern you have established. For example, if your first 5 rows were in st st, then your 13 rounds would also be st st. If your first 5 rows were seed stitch or a rib pattern, then your 13 rounds would be worked in that same seed stitch or rib pattern.

Thanks for your help. I wanted to make sure. Just wanted to say how much it means to have your questions answered from such helpful members. This site is really a blessing to me. Thanks again!