Quick question on Alternate Cable CO

Heya, on this USO hat I’m working on I thought I’d try the Alternate Cable CO since the ribbing is K1 P1. However, the ACCO seems pretty stretchy, and I’d like this edge to be firm, as I don’t want the hat going anywhere. Am I not supposed to loosely CO with this CO? Or is this really just a stretchy CO?

The edge of a hat should be stretchy. That way it stays snug and fits many different size heads. Once you start knitting it should pull in and not look loose.

Thanks Jan! I used Long Tail on the first one and the rib doesn’t feel like it’s gripping very well. The hat stays on, but doesn’t feel terribly secure, though this might be because it’s probably sized for an average man’s head (though I do, and don’t you dare give me a significant look, have a fairly large head). So I thought I’d try the Alternate Cable. It looks great, I’ll give it that but it was very stretchy and I got worried enough to post. Anyway, I decided to post as I got to the third row and realized that I’d automatically put in a yo on the first row (drat that mohair pattern I’m also doing!)…so I’ll start over again. Yeesh.

On the bright side, this time I think I’ll do it on single point needles and then move it to circulars, because doing it on circulars nearly gave me a stroke. This means I get to knit with my new Lantern Moon needles. Yay! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

A hat is usually knit with negative ease on the CO, smaller than the head size, so it stretches and won’t be too large.

Thanks, Sue – I’m a bit concerned still – I’m about halfway through the second hat, and the edge of the ribbing still looks awfully loose to me, much looser than the first one on Long Tail was. I’d normally just say, well, I’ll put some elastic thread in the edge, but these military next-to-skin items can’t have any synthetics that will melt and burn skin.

I’m learning an awful lot with these hats tho. So far I’ve learned to use circular needles, the oh-so-wonderfulness of stitch markers, the Alternate Cable cast-on, a better increase than the one I knew, carry a color on the back, that Addi needles are really nice, and my tension is getting better with each hat…I do hope the hats come out well enough to be worn, though!

I usually use Long Tail CO, though I’ve been starting to use the cable CO on projects. I don’t know what the Alternate cable CO is, unless it’s just cable that’s an alternate to LT or something… I find that I like the look of the Long Tail better for joining and knitting in the round than cable though.

You know, I think I’m going to start this over again. I just don’t like how loose the edge of this ribbing looks – perhaps I’m not doing it right. I’ll try it again later when I’ve less of a deadline! Thanks, Sue – that helped a lot…sometimes giving up is the better part of valour, if you know you’ll go back again later! :slight_smile:

Just a quick update to say…longtail co looks MUCH better, even with only five rows on the needle now. Either I’m not doing the Alternate Cable co correctly (entirely possible), or I just like the longtail on K1 P1 ribbing better.

So what are the instructions for the Alternate Cable CO, or do you have a link for them?

It’s the last video, at the bottom of the page – I suspect I wasn’t putting some of the loops back on knit-wise or something…the edge of the ribbing was practically a ruffle!

Oh okay, it’s a cast on in ribbing. You can do that with the Long tail too.

So what would make the cast on literally push the ribbing apart? Was it because I was putting the loops back on wrong, perhaps? I’m somewhat mystified what was wrong…and is there directions for the long tail co in ribbing somewhere? :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried to do a purled Cast on, so don’t know what happened with yours.

One of our members, of Troy, has explained it in past posts. Her blog has a series of Cast on posts, you may find it there http://golden-apples.blogspot.com/search/label/cast%20on's

As always, helpful, thanks Sue! I’ll check out the links tomorrow!