Quick Question- Help anyone

I’m knitting a pair of coveralls for my grandbaby. I need some one with a 12 month old to measure from the waist in back to where you would button the bib on the overalls in front. I need to know how long to make the straps. Thank you.

I don’t have a child that size, but I checked a sewing pattern book that I used when sewing clothes for my son (who will be 8 tomorrow), the straps were 10 inches for criss cross, and 8 inches for from the waist to the bib.

I guess the question would be, are the knitted straps going to stretch much?

Is he “normal size” for his age? I only ask because I have a 7 month old who wears 12 month clothes. I would be happy to measure her for you tomorrow (I am at work now). Just wanted to check with you on the size, because I would hate for someone to make my baby something that they couldn’t wear for that long.

Make them about 4 feet long, the kid will grow in to them. :wink:

How about adjustable straps? If you don’t want them to adjust in the front, you could do it invisibly in the back. The buttons could go on the inside of the back, and the excess strap would be tucked on the inside and out of sight. A single yo makes a very discreet buttonhole for when the strap is extended full length. …just some thoughts.

Sarah, it sounds like you’ve got exactly the baby for the job. :thumbsup:

Great idea Amy. Where in Western Mass are you. I live in just over the border in New York.

Thank you for all the info. I think I will take Amy’s Idea of adjustable straps. Great Idea!