Quick question: baby sweater neck

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could help me. . . I am working on a Debbie Bliss baby sweater, called “Simple Cable Sweater.” After completing the body of the sweater, the pattern says to join the right shoulder seam, and then directs to pick up stitches along the length of the neck (in order to create a mock turtle neck). I know how to pick up stitches, but I am having trouble interpreting these directions:

“With right side facing, k up 11 sts down left front neck, k centre front neck sts inc 3 sts, k up 11 sts up right front neck, k back knit sts inc 3 sts.”

I don’t understanding where and when I should increase the stitches – can anyone help me?



It means to pick up sts down the left front of the neck opening, knit the front sts while increasing 3 in them, pick up sts from the right front and knit the back sts, but also inc 3, evenly spaced.

Thanks so much for your response! So, I believe there are 37 stitches in the front and 17 in the back. When I do the front, I would pick up, like, 9 sitiches and then increase one, pick up 9 more and increase another, and so on, which would evenly space those increased stitches?

Yes, that would work out pretty well.

perfect!! thank you so much!!!