Quick question about sock heel turn on 2 circular needles

Hi all!

I have a quick question about a sock pattern I’m using. Here is the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hermiones-everyday-socks

So I’m on the heel turn and I just finished doing the 6 rows. I’m confused about what to do after that, in the pattern it says to continue in this matter until you have 18 heel sts left on the needle. What row am I supposed to do after I finisht he 6th row of the heel turn? I don’t have 18 sts on my needle right now (I have 26, 8 on the right hand 18 on the left) and I can’t knit the 1st row of the heel turn because I don’t have enough stitches. I feel like I’m overthinking.

These really are lovely socks.
As I understand it, you’re already knitting the heel turn and are now up to row 7?
Row 7 continues the progression, Work one more stitch after the slip one at the start of the row. Row 7 would be sl 1, p8, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 8 sl 1, k9, ssk, k1, turn.
Each time the number of sts between the sl 1 and the ssk or p2tog increases by one until you have 18sts on the needle.

That makes and now I understand where to continue. Thanks so much!