Quick question about sizing

I want to make a sweater for my DD for Christmas (or maybe a little later :teehee: ) My biggest concern is how it will fit her though. She is very petite, but also very well endowed chest wise. Its been a pain buying shirts and sweaters for her since the 8th grade. Large usually fits very tight around the chest but very loosely around her arms and stomach. She’s very self conscious about that, but then again she’s also self conscious about looking “fat” if she wears an even larger size. If her chest was smaller she would probably actually fit into a small or medium based on her bone structure. She is having a breast reduction within the next five years, but until then I want to make her something she is happy with now. Any tips on how to size properly for the body and arms while also having enough give around the chest?

Good lord I feel your pain! Listen, I have always had the same trouble but am now a happy camper knitting things to size for people.
I have posted this pattern in the past
its GREAT for just what you’re trying to do. I would say look at the size chart in the pattern, take her measurements and then knit according to that. For instance, I know for a fact my chest size is always needs to be 42 inches. but my arms are thin…
SO, I knit the body in the size Medium, take the circumference of my bicep and knit the arms in the size XS. I make it so it fits me and as far as the stitches go, i just either increase evenly or decrease evenly a few rows before where the arms get attached to the correct amount of stitches for that size sleeve.
I hope that makes sense… message me if you want any help! I’d love to! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Paiva! I probably will PM you once I get started :teehee:

Another thing you could do is short row shaping for her bust, and more shaping to nip in at her waist.