Quick question about casting on

If I have a pattern that calls for size 8 circulars at 24 inches and I am going to do it with size 8 - 26 in, how do I adjust the amount of cast on stitches to use? It’s a plain simple cowl.


I’m not sure I understand. Are you talking about US 8 -24" circulars and you have 26" circulars? Can you give us the pattern name and a link please?

By plain do you mean it’s stockinette or garter? Is it knit in the round or flat?

I think this is a charity site, but I ran across this pattern and thought it might look good with the right yarn. As you can see, they omitted the length (inches) for the cable on the size 8 needles. I thought 24 would be about right after measuring around my neck for a loose fitting cowl. But all I have is a 26 in. cable. Should I cast on more or less?


Oh I see, that’s nice. Since the k2, p2 is 4 stitches you can cast on any multiple of 4.

88, 92, 96, 100…

96 or 100 would probably be fine on a 26" cable, but if you need more (after trying) then go up in increments of 4.

Gotcha! Thanks!