Quick question about anthropologie capelet

I know a lot of people have done this - has anyone done the increases on the knit side instead of the purl side?

I just got almost to the ends of the sleeves and had to rip back bc one of my rows of increases was slanted in the wrong direction…

It was sort of like this:

/  | |center| \ \

Instead of a straight line, it was slanted to the side. Now, I think the ones in the back should be, but not the front right?

Does that make sense?

Anyway, I thought the mistake might be bc I never did an increase on a purl stitch before and maybe I messed it up.


It should look more like this –

| / slv\ /back\ /slv\ |

I think… you do yo, p1, yo between the back and sleeves, don’t you?


I’ve been following the pattern exactly and it still doesn’t seem to look right to me…

It looks right until you get to the end, the side of the sleeve, and then it looks like it’s slanting the wrong way…

I just started the body again a little while ago and it looks just like it did before I ripped it… maybe it’s right and I’m just confused?

Here’s a finished one - http://peonyknits.blogspot.com/2005/11/anthropologie-inspired-capelet-fo-and.html - take a look; the front edges appear to slant but it’s because of the increases at the sleeve `seam’. The pattern is also there, go over the increase row carefully to see that you’re doing them in the correct order.


Okay, I’m gonna keep at it, because I am definitely following the directions. Hopefully it’s just in my head.


Each of the seams should slant a little as you increase… i’d make sure that you’re not missing a stitch… for the increases to be straight you’d be yarn overing at the very same point you did it last time, thats not right you want to be one more stich over when you do it the next time. You’re not knitting two together at any point are you??

did that make any sense at all LOL :slight_smile: cos it makes sense in my head