Quick pattern question

Hi everyone. Need some quick help with this pattern that my boss is working on. We’re both brand new crocheters so we’re having some trouble understanding what this part means.

Trellis Lace: Ch 5, sk first ch-3 sp, sc in next ch-5 sp, *ch 5, sc in next sp; repeat from * across row to last sp, ch 3, sc in last sp, ch 2, tr in last st, turn.

sp=space, but what does that mean??

Generally, when a crochet pattern says to crochet into a “space” (or “sp”), it means to crochet on the chains that create a space. According to the pattern you’ve quoted here, one “space” is the “ch-3 sp” (a chain of three stitches that spans a space) and another space is the “ch-5 sp” (a chain of 5 stitches that spans a space).

So you would crochet a single crochet on the chain 5 stitches that span the space. This single crochet will wrap around the chain itself.

However, since I don’t have the previous row instructions, I’m not sure exactly what the next “space” is–a ch-5 space or a ch-3 space (or something else, maybe?).

At any rate, patterns are written like this to distinguish between crocheting into a chain (for example, into the third [B]chain[/B] of a chain 5) vs. around the entire chain itself.

If this is still unclear, let us know and we’ll try to unconfuse you some more!!