Quick pattern question- number of rows.

Now, I’m working on the head gusset of my meerkat. Instructions state,

#1- Starting with a K row, st st 24 rows.
#2- Decrease 1 st at each end of next and foll 4th row.
#3- P 1 row.
#4- K2tog and fasten off.”

It seems to me that if I’m starting with a knit row for 24 rows, my last row will be a purl row, so I’m beginning the decreasing (line #2) in a knit row. The 4th row, also a decrease row, will be a purl row, but this pattern has been st st the whole way through. Line #3 states it’s a purl row, too, so am I really to have 2 purl rows next to each other? Or, more likely, am I counting the rows incorrectly?

You’re making progress!
Row 1 is a knit row so row 24 is a purl.
Decrease 1 st at each end of next and foll 4th row means decrease on rows 25 and 29, both knit rows.
Purl row 30.
K2tog and fasten off on row 31, a knit row.
All the odd number rows are knit and the even rows, purl.

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Once again, thank you salmonmac.:hugs: I owe you lunch for all of the help you’ve provided. I’m learning a lot here and can’t wait to finally finish this meerkat pattern; one row at a time.

It’s a deal.
I hope we get to see a photo when you finish.