Quick pattern help :)

Hey guys! Knitting a romper front to back and bound off my stitches for the legs, knit a bit for the crotch, and now need to cast back on before and after the crotch. I’ve done this before and not sure how I’m confused again, but once I do the backwards cast on for one side, I have to knit those stitches, then go across the crotch before casting on the other. When I do that it means I’m always ahead one row on one leg right?

I hope my questions makes sense!

Yup, you’re right and that’s OK. It’s just the way it works out. One row more or less isn’t going to matter.

Just in case you are interested, you can also do a knit or cable cast on and might like the results better than backward loop. Your attachment is small for me to read so I don’t know how many stitches you’re adding and that can influence the cast on I choose also. Happy knitting!

It’s 24 stitches on each side of the crotch (which is 10 stitches). The pattern is done in double moss stitch

And thank you so much!!!

It sounds really cute. I hope you’ll post a picture for us, Whatcha Knittin’ is specifically for pictures of projects. And I’m glad I could help.