Quick pattern help, one measuring question?

Help with meaning on pattern! I am making a “Brea” Sweater from the Rowan Lima Collection. I’m a fairly experienced knitter, but wondering how to measure the “armholes”? Pattern states “cont. straight until armhole measures 22cm ending with RS facing…” the armhole is pretty curved at bottom, do I measure straight line up the armhole, or do I measure along the curve of the knitted armhole, which may be substantially longer by several cms? Thank you in advance


I’d lay the piece out flat then lay a straight edge along the row where the armhole shaping begins at the edge. I’d measure from that row up to the needle. HTH

If I think about it I weave a contrasting thread as I knit the row where the shaping begins. I sometimes weave a contrasting thread along the row after I’ve knit it because I didn’t remember.

Thank you so much, so measure straight up, not along the curve! Have a happy holiday!