Quick M1 question

I am working on a sweater for my daughter and I am on the sleeves. The pattern is simple and says to M1 every 6th row at each edge. My 6th rows are purl rows (the sweater is St st)- does that matter? I am not seeing anything that tells me how to M1 while purling, only while knitting. Does it matter that they are P rows?


Nevermind :slight_smile: … I just found the answer here:cool:

Or you could put the first inc on the 5th or 7th row (knit rows) and then do them every 6th row after that.

I do the same as Sue! Unless something in the pattern prevents me from it, I do the M1 on a right side row, one before or one after the pattern said, then every 6th row (always on the right side facing) after that.

I very often just use a backward loop M1 in a case like this and it doesn’t matter if it is the RS or WS of the piece, it works just as well either way. Do the backward loop in one stitch from the edge if you do it.

Thanks all :slight_smile: … I’ve been doing it as the instructions on the LIon Brand site suggest and it’s been working perfectly :slight_smile: