Quick Little FO


One of the fixtures at the place I volunteer recently celebrated her 81st birthday and we had a little shindig for her. She’s an angel, of course, for all that she does…particularly in this field. So, to be cliche, I knit her an angel “dishcloth” though I’m sure she won’t use it that way.

Her faith is quite important to her and she’s a wonderful lady and I’m pleased to have the honor to work with her…so I didn’t have too much of an issue knitting something like this for her.

It’s cute, and it was super easy and super fast.

That is so cute! and it was very sweet of you to knit this for her :cheering:

That’s really cute!

That is absolutely beautiful.


I’ll bet she liked that! Looks like a little bit of Feather and Fan pattern. I love that.

What a thoughtful gift! I’m sure she loves it!!

It is just lovely and I know she loved it.