-quick knitting question

This is kind of a silly question but I just wanted to know if a pattern tells you to bind of two stitches at begining of next row and following alternate row do they mean to bind off two on row one, knit regular on next one and then bind off again on third row. Does alternate row mean to skip a row in between? For some reason I got confused with this last night and just need someone with a clear head to straighten me out! :?

Wow, that’s actually kind of obscure! Most patterns would read to bind off the next row and the following row.

But ‘following alternate row’ does sound like you should skip a row. But that doesn’t make sense?

What are you knitting exactly?

Normally I would say, bind off the start of one row and bind off the start of the next row but it sounds like they want you to alternate…what are you knitting? If it’s for armhole decreases on both sides, that would mean, the following row you bind off…if it’s something else, it may not be…

Sorry! I should have said that I am shaping the neck on a childs sweater. This is a recent book of patterns and the instructions are:

cast/bind off 2 sts at beg of neck edge and foll alt row, then dec 1 st at beg of next 3 alt rows.

I am not sure if they mean to bind off, skip a row, then bind off and the second part woudl be dec, skip a row, dec, skip a row and then dec???

Confused??? :?

Alright, if you’re shaping the neck of a baby’s sweater, it needs to be every alternate row…think of it this way…the shaping is around the neck edge of the garment…so you want your decreases to be on that side. So you will be doing every alternate row. Decrease one row, knit/purl (or whatever the pattern calls for) the next row and then on the following row do your decrease again.

Hopefully that makes sense?

Thank you very much! Now I can complete the front of the sweater and move on to the sleeves. Then I have three new projects to start… I LOVE KNITTING!! :smiley: