Quick knits for guys?

looking for a gift that will knit up quickly for a young lad. i was thinking scarf any good patterns? or other ideas?

Well it depends on how young and what he is like. My favorites at the moment are Harry Potter type scarves and Dr. Who scarves. If he is older, more sophisticated the Irish Hiking scarf is actually a pretty quick knit. The pattern is super easy to learn.

24 tho very young acting at times… i dont think im quite up to the Irish Hiking scarf. im still quite new to this.

Believe it or not the irish hiking scarf is quite simple really. It is my first step into cables and basically it is knitting and purling. The cable part is explained quite well on the pattern. But if he likes sci fi at all I think the Dr Who is the coolest. There is a thread somewhere here with url for the pattern. It is simple garter stitch and could use up some cheap acrylics or wool.

Ok I think this is the thread for the dr. who stuff.

thanks i love doctor who lots and lots but silly boy thinks its dumb. so wrong… im gonna make my self a doctor who scarf soon tho.

How about a plain ole sarf but using his favorite team colors? Or maybe a pouch for a gameboy if he is a gamer. My last suggestion is if he lives on his own how about dishcloths or coasters? MY ds 7 is making felted coasters for his grandparents so I think they willl be super easy. Yes the Dr who is on my list for me too since no one else I know would wear it.

lol we know how cool doctor who is thats all that matters. its not that we are uncool everyone else is uncool. im not sure if he has a game boy ill sneak about looking for one.