Quick knit suggestions for kids

Good morning all! Thought I’d come to my favorite knitting place on the web to ask for some help. :wink:

I need to find something super quick to knit up for about 24-26 kids. I have about 2 weeks to do it in and that would be in between working 8 hours, homework and the normal everyday stuff. :doh:

My son is going to be a “Big Cheese of the Week” coming up and usually the parents are invited one day to talk about their jobs etc. As a highlight, usually the parents bring something job related to give the kids (water bottles, lanyards, pencils & notepads)

My husband is a sanitation engineer (fancy words for garbage man) and I’m a secretary. I really don’t think the kids want samples of phone messages & stinky garbage, if you catch my drift. :rofl:

Last year I made little felted balls for each of the kids but it took awhile to do it. And, it was a little boring. I was going to do hacky sacks but I didn’t want to have that go home and have someones younger sibling find it and choke on the beans…:oo:

Soooo, anyways, I’m looking for something, simple & quick to give the kids as an example of something I like to do in my free time.

Thanks in advance !!!

Kim in WI

How old is your son?
How about a small bag, or pouch like [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]this? When I was a kid, I liked having a small little pouch just about that size to put my treasures in.
Or, you could make pompoms and turn them into little “pets”. Glue on some of those googly eyes, and cut some feet out of felt, or that foam craft stuff, and you’ve got yourself a little creature that the kids can have. They don’t have to be big, just about an inch or so in size. Small and cute.

I like Mariblue’s idea of little bags. You could do them like socks and do them on dpn’s. Perhaps CO 20 stitches across 3 needles. K1P1 Ribbing for 2 rows then do a row of K1, YO, K2tog for one round then K for enough rounds to make a square sized bag, Kichner stitch them closed at the bottom and run a line of crocheted cording through the YO row. Shouldn’t be too difficult and if you found some fun self-striping yarn that would be cute.


Anything you make is going to get boring after making that many of them! :teehee:

Don’t know the age of the kids, but here you go.

Finger Puppets
More puppets… picture links on left

You could just make little finger sized tubes and duplicate stitch a face and hair or whatever, too.

I know you said knitting, but I thought of something my kids made and just love.

They were given those inexpensive flip notepads (something like 5 for $1 at the Dollar Store). There was a round of that fun foam on top. Then embellished with black fun foam to look like a Panda head with a set of ‘googly’ eyes. Then with a pencil.

You could say they can now make their own notes and such.

It just seems like so much work to knit up something for all those children who probably don’t appreciate your efforts!

:muah: Thank you for the suggestions.

I’m sorry, I totally forgot to add the age. It’s a third grade class so the kids are about 8 to 9 years old.

Keep 'em coming !! :slight_smile:

with that age group- the boys probably love those trading card games- a little treasure pouch that is the size of a deck of cards could bbe pitched as a pokemon card keeper. of course, girls collect them too…

someone pointed out the little felted keychains (skullies) and you could make just about anything using the same idea: smiley faces, pumpkins, flowers… and you could make them into backpack charms by adding a clasp or clip.

or little stuffed pumpkins would be fast and cute (or any little knit/ crochet little character… you can add googly eyes to just about anything and it looks cute)

if you crochet at all (ok don’t slap me if you hate crochet- I’m thinking quick gift!) you can make adorable hair scrunchies for the girls in 10 minutes flat. I can dig around for the instructions, but essentially you single crochet all around the elastic, then do a loop stitch on the single crochet and voila! a pretty hair elastic!

I’ll keep thinking…

I’d like to have hte instructions for the scrunchies, please!!


here’s a few links:

this one shows how to start around the elastic:

here’s one version of what to do next:

this is the one that takes about 10-15 minutes and is cute!!!

scroll down for the mobious hair band on this page…

scroll down for a lacy version:

similar version, but with pony beads


cute wiggly/ stringy one

I love to make these as they only need a little bit of yarn and they are practically instant gratification.

good luck!!

This time of year, I’d make Curly Purly Pumpkins! :slight_smile: