Quick Knit Scarflet

I just finished this

It is so easy and quick to do. I used 1 ball Patons Shetland Chunky

Sue, it’s gorgeous! :slight_smile:

What a cool idea! The yarn you used is pretty. Thanks for sharing!


Gee I sure do love that pattern! :heart: You did a wonderful job, and good choice of yarn, too!

Thanks for the link! I’ve added it to my QUEUE!
Nice to have a pattern for Stash-busting! Great for gifts as well!

It is so lovely ! I really like it Sue . The colour and the yarn are perfect and it will keep your neck warm this winter:)
Thanks for the link too!

I love it! Nice work and lovely yarn.

Very pretty - I might make one of those for my mom - I think she’d really like it!

That’s a nice chic way to warm her neck! :thumbsup:

that’s very pretty!! I’ve been wanting to make one (or two :teehee:) of those, too :slight_smile:

That’s pretty! Love the colors! What are you goign to wear it with?

I’ve already started one for a Christmas gift! What a great pattern!

I really love this! You did a great job, knitting is smooth, and the colors are interesting! Congrats on that!

however, I couldn’t find the pattern in the link you gave, only photos. Is there a pattern I can download? I’d love to make this up for my 30 year old daughter.

:inlove: very pretty!! I really love the yarn color you chose :thumbsup:

I’ve been looking for a pattern like that, but I’m not a ravelry member so nothing showed up on the link. Can I find it elsewhere? Love it.

Lovely :inlove:!

like jcmom, I would like that pattern too. I searched for it in ravelry, and it didn’t come up for me. anywhere else?

Thanks for the compliments. It is a Ravelry download. The link should work and then on the right side of the page there is a Ravelry download box.

jcmom, I haven’t seen it anywhere except Ravelry. You should join, I think it only takes a day or so now.

Very pretty! I’ve added it to my queue as well! Thank you!

Jan, I really like this one. Going to try my hand at adding beads in the center ‘loop’ when I make this.

Thank you for the link.

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