Quick Knit Fishnet Sweater instructions help

This is my first knitting project and it said it was for beginners, but I guess that doesn’t mean first timers. Anyway, I’m still trying to make it and I am stuck on one of the shoulders it says:

Starting at the neckline, k2tog, k2tog, k10. Purl 1 row. K2tog, k2tog, k8. Purl 1 row(10 sts). Knit the next 4 rows in St st and dec 1 st at the neckline (6 sts). BO 6 sts.

So I am at where I need to knit the next 4 rows in ST st and dec 1 st at the neckline, but I’m confused by the dec 1 st at the neckline (6 sts) Can someone please clarify if you’re able to? I really appreciate the help.

Because of the total numbers given at the end of each of the directions (10sts and then 6sts). it must mean dec 1 st at the neckline in [I]each[/I] of the next 4 rows. You can do a k2tog at the beginning of each knit row and a purl2tog at the end of each purl row (a decrease of 4sts total). Welcome to KnittingHelp and congrats on the first project!

Thank you so much for the help!

I have another question. I have now bound off all my 6 stitches, but there is still one on the right needle and I want to start on the other shoulder, I’m not sure what to do with it. Do I just take the needle out?

No! Don’t take the needle out or you’ll have a dropped stitch and those on the edge are hard to fix. Were you supposed to have a stitch left? Do you have the correct number of stitches?

When you finished the decreases on every row 4 times you should have had 6 sts left (a decrease from 10sts to 6sts). Then you bind off the 6 sts. If you had 7 sts before the bind off, check and make sure that you didn’t miss a row and a decrease. Or look back to the previous sets of decreases and make sure you decreased 4sts on the row there.
When you get to the last st pulled over the right needle on the bind off, cut the yarn, leaving about a 6-8" tail and thread the end of the tail through the last st on the right needle to secure it.

Cut the yarn and either thread the tail through the loop, or pull out the loop to secure the end. Leave about 4-6" so you can weave in the tail when finished.

When I first started I thought I had an extra stitch after binding off that I didn’t know what to do with. You might check the videos here just to be sure of what you’re doing… http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/casting-off

Thank you all for your help. I’m still a little confused, so I thought maybe if you saw a picture that would help, please let me know if these help you to help me. I hope I attached them correctly. The stitches on the left needle are for the other shoulder

Yes, decreases look good and the st remaining after bind off is just what we all thought. You can cut the yarn that’s attached to the single st about 6-8" from the st and then thread the tail through the one remaining st and pull the end to close up the stitch and fasten it off. That way it won’t go anywhere.
Then you’ll have a yarn end with the ball of yarn and you can use that to begin knitting the second shoulder. Don’t worry about knotting it or attaching it to the sweater. You can just start knitting and tighten up the sts later.
Sweater looks wonderful and in a good, strong color. Enjoy finishing it!

Yay! Thank you!

Now that’s cool! Great project. Looks like you’re doing a fabulous job.