Quick knit ditty bags

i started making these on vacation a few weeks ago, and all of my friends are in love with them! i used sugar n creme cotton yarn and size 4 needles and made a whole bunch of just little cabled bags. they’re perfect to hold little things in your purse- [like lady items- as shown]. i have them as birthday presents to a few different people. this was my first attempt and the one i kept for myself- [i did extend the flap since then].

showing the size

front all buttoned up

back view

very nice! they do look like cute gifts
can never have enough little bags I say =)

Very sweet .

There is nothing more embarassing than going to get your pusre out of my bag and out fall the lady items.

Great idea!


What a wonderful gift for your friends and something they can also look at and think of you…great job :happydance:

It’s excellent–I really like it!

Nice job on them! Really cute!:thumbsup:

Great idea!! They’re so cute and useful too. :cheering:
Gotta’ love it. I may have to file that idea away if you don’t mind. :wink:

Awesome! Really cute and simple, but great little bits of detailing :muah:

A very thoughtful gift.

:thumbsup: Neat idea!


What a great gift to give!!!