Quick kitchener question!

So I’m working on the VW hat pattern (With a few alterations) and ready to close it up now. After doing my decreases, I’m down to 20 stitches on the one needle and just confused about one little detail… I read that people were doing the kitchener to close the top to avoid the dreaded hat “bump”, and then mattress stitch the back. I understand how to do the stitches well enough, but the start of the kitchener is confusing me!
After watching the video, I see how to join two different pieces together on two separate needles, but how do you start if it’s one piece on one needle and just closing something off? Would it be correct to just transfer 10 stitches to my other needle, cut the working string, and then thread a new one through the needle and just go from there?

Half the stitches on one needle half on the other. Cut yarn leaving a long tail and use the tail for the weaving.

I never heard of closing a hat with kitchener. Huh. Wouldn’t it leave a flat spot with two points on top like a sock toe? :think:

Anyway, yeah… even number of stitches on two needles.

i try to close all my hats with kitchener. Dont like that bump at the top and its pretty. And i get alot of …“howd you do that?” I tell them im magic…LOL:roflhard:

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. It’s my first pattern so I got a little nervous starting it so sorry for the newbie question lol. It was kind of strange splitting it in half and getting the working yarn to the front of the needle, but I think I did it right. I wasn’t expecting the kitchener to leave stitches on one needle while dropping the rest, I thought it dropped everything. I just pulled the needle through all of the loops. It looks pretty good so hopefully that was right lol. Thanks for the help!

Now I just have to master that mattress stitch… Why oh why did I have to use black yarn…sigh!
Thanks again :slight_smile: