Quick Help - Related to Judy's magic cast on

here is part i am doing

I have done the cast on… and I have done the first part…

I am now at

The body of the peapod…

It says

[B]R1- k20,p2, knit until end
r2 - k19, p2,k1,p2, knit until end
Now the issue i am having is… when it says knit to end, do I knit all the stitches until I return to stitch 1 (so the whole circle)… or Do I knit to end like the end of the stitches on needle 1 and do row 2 with the stitches on needle 2…

or do i do each row on each set of stitches ( i doubt its this one as in the previous part it says to do it again on the 2nd needle)

Yes, knit to end means knit all the way around to the end of the round, not the end of the first needle. Then you start round 2. Use a marker and arrange your sts so the beg of the round is in the middle of a needle, then you know that a full round is at the marker, rather than trying to remember which needle is the beginningof the round.