Quick Grafting Question

I am making a button loop on my soon-to-be-felted bag. There are six live stitches on the bag edge: three to make i-cord, and three to attach the finished i-cord to the bag. But here’s my q: the directions say to take three stitches, k2tog, and make 2-stitch i-cord for 12 inches (which I did.) Now, the directions say to take the i-cord and graft it to the 3 remaining stitches. So how am I supposed to graft 2 stitches of the i-cord to three stitches on the bag edge? Do I treat two of the bag stitches as one and graft two together?

Sorry, if this is obvious, but I’m new to this. Please help me asap as I am two or three stitches away from being finished :cheering:

My best guess is that because you k2tog when you started the icord from 3 stitches, that when you graft it back to the 3 remaining stitches that you should treat 2 of the stiches as 1 (basically knitting 2 together – so everything is symmetrical).

I am thinking the same thing, but if anyone else knows better, please let me know. Thanks for the response!