Quick gift for a 16 YO girl?

My “little” cousin is turning 16 this weekend, and I’m sure there’s something "cool’ I could make for her…any ideas??

little sachets for her room… like the things that hols popuree and such…

another idea is… maybe a little pillow… like a heart one…

or…um…a purse…maybe felted
some ideas don’t hav eot use them

How about Calorimetry??

Maybe a cell phone or ipod holder (if she has one); there are plenty of patterns for these around.

Or a nice little purse

And I am currently knitting these earmuffs for my 15 year old cousin: http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTmuffy.html

Good luck!

How about nice little bag?

I think felted bags are great, but if you want it to be done in a short amount of time remember they take a while to dry!

I LOVE making this Sophie bag from MagKnits

It is relativly easy. I only use a skein of Paton Classic Merino, but my sister has made this and used a bit more than one skein. She knits a bit more loosely than I do. My only suggestion on the pattern is to skip the icord handles and make one more sturdy handle… although the twisted icord looks so cute.

Or, if you are willing to buy a book… one skein has some great patterns that don’t take long for both felted bag and accessories.

Ooh, good ideas, everyone! Thanks–I think I will do a felted bag of some type. She’s not the girliest of girls, but I think all the ones you posted would be “cool” enough! :slight_smile: In fact, I want that Sophie bag for myself!

Thanks! :muah:


hmm, here’s what i would’ve liked to get if i didnt knit: cell phone cozy, iPod cozy, fetching (or any nice wristwarmer), a pretty headband, a purse, and last and certainly the best…TOE SOCKs! :happydance: :cheering: :heart:

You could give her some yarn and needles and a lesson! :teehee: samm