Quick Ear Warmer

After finally finishing the marathon socks for the hubby I needed something quick and simple. The pattern is Blueleaf Headband off Ravelry. It is written for chunky yarn and I don’t like big ear warmers so I used a lighter weight yarn. My parents are visiting and I’m pretty sure my mom stole it !!!

Oh that’s pretty! What a complement! Lol:teehee:

That’s elegant and lacy, simply lovely!

That’s beautiful. Naughty mom, stealing your headband. She beat me to it. :teehee: Hopefully she’ll return it.

[COLOR=“DarkRed”][B]Gorgeous!!![/B] What weight yarn and needle did you use?[/COLOR]

Thank you for the kind words. It felt great to finish something and like it too !

The yarn I used was a random hank of a merino blend I bought at a fiber festival. Our puppy kindly removed the tag so I cannot promise but I think it was DK weight. I used a size 6 needle.