Quick chart question

Quick chart question. This is for a swatch to get gauge. Designer asks to CO 44 st. for 2 repeats of the below chart. Does it mean: k1 (the first stitch outside the repeat on the chart), follow the instructions on 20 st (ie the repeat), k2 (the first and last stitches outside the repeat), follow the instructions again on 20 st, k1 ?

Is that how I get to the 44 st in total?

Hi Margs, yes it looks ok to me. You k1, work the repeat across 20 sts(the k2tog? before stitch 10 isn’t matched with a YO immediately but is accounted for after stitch 15), k2, work 20st repeat,k1 =44sts
Good luck with your project.

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Thank you so much! Starting with peace of mind :relaxed:

What is the name of your pattern?
@notknittingknots The repeat looks to me to be 21sts within the red outline assuming the common definition of the symbols? It seems that you would k1 (outside the red outline), repeat the 21stitch box 2 times, finish with k1 (the last stitch outside the red outline).


Oh right !! I totally misread the repeat, of course it’s 21 st, not 20 :man_facepalming:
Good catch, thank you. So is it k1, 21 st-repeat, 21 st-repeat, k1 = 44 st total? You don’t add extra stitches between repeats?

The pattern is a paying one, it’s the Ninon cardigan by Yarnflakes. Picture below, it’s all lace.


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Gorgeous! Thank you for the photol

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Yes, you are right. I need to get back to some lace work pdq, I’m getting rusty lol.

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To be fair, I did say the repeat was 20 stitches instead of 21 :upside_down_face:

My brain focused on the number 20 as it was written down! Lack of experience reading charts.

Notknittigknots, you are my lace guru!

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