Quick Booga Bag Question

Sorry for what may seem like a stupid question.

When knitting the body of the bag in the round, are the knit stitches supposed to be on the inside or outside of the bag? I’m assuming the outside, but I’m not sure. Will it matter given the fact that this bag will be felted afterward?

Thanks for your help!

They should be on the outside…

Are your needle points at the back of your knitting (ie near your knees) or at the front (ie near your chest) I ‘think’ that is what makes the knitting appear inside out - if you knit with the needles at the back… just turn it inside out when finished :shrug: it doesn’t matter … I knitted a whole sweater the wrong way round first time I knit in the round :teehee:

Oh, I’m not having a problem with the knitting being inside out. I’ve done socks and other things in the round.

I just wanted to make sure that the knitting side is, in fact, supposed to be on the outside. The bottom is done in garter, so I didn’t know if the purls were supposed to be on the outside to give it a more “consistent” look.

I thought the rule is when knitting in the round, the right side of the work is always facing you.

You are right, Darcy…when just doing the knit stitch in the round you’ll get stockinette stitch and the “knit bumps” should be on the inside of the work.

Auburn - The bottom is done in garter and the rest in stockinette stitch…when felting the stitch definitions go away completely, so you shouldn’t see a difference between the sides & the bottom.

Thanks! That’s kind of what I figured, but whenever I start a “new” type of project, I get a little nervous.

Have a GREAT day! I’m off to try to write a history essay.