Quick Baby Sweater Help!

I am a relatively new knitter - I’ve worked on mostly afghans and hats. I’m working on Lorraine Major’s Quick Baby Sweater, but am at a stopping point and need help!!!

I’ve knit up to Row 31 and placed my stitch markers separating the fronts, sleeves, and back. Now it says :

slip sts from first (front) section up to marker on to right needle. Cast on 2 sts, knit across sleeve section …

If I slip the front stitches onto the right hand needle, my working yarn will go with it. Am I suppose to cut it and then cast back on to work the sleeves? And cut the yarn between each section?

Thank you! Michelle

This is a variation on the 5-hour baby sweater which I’ve made many times. You could cut the yarn, slip the front sts and reattach at the first sleeve. What I do at this point (and it’s in the original pattern) is knit across the front to the marker for the sleeve, slip the marker knit across the sleeve, turn, cast on 2sts, purl back across the sleeve sts only, turn cast on 2 and then work the sleeve rows. If you knit across like this, you it saves cutting the yarn and weaving in an extra end.

When you finish the sleeve rows, you’ll have to cut the yarn and reattach at the back, knit across the back to the second sleeve and work on the second sleeve sts only. When the sleeve rows are complete, cut the yarn, reattach to the next front and knit across that to the end.

Thank you so much for your help!

One more quick question - when you cast on the addt’l stitches at the sleeves, do you work these stitches with the sleeves, or leave them to be worked with the fronts/back?

I would knit the front sts rather than slipping them, less ends to weave in. The cast on sts go with the sleeves.