Quick baby gift

I need any suggestions anyone might have for a quick baby gift. We got invited to a christening that is 2 weeks away. Does anyone have an idea for a garment of some kind for a newborn? I would do a blanket, but it’s July and crazy hot here. I’m going to check out Anouk from knitty. I saw a few really cute little dresses on KPC but they were for older kids. Thanks in advance! Deb

A few ideas…


I think “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” has quick Angora baby booties? (2 hours or less). There are also a few other baby items in the book, but I remember the baby booties the best. (The yarn for a pair at my LYS was about $15. So far, I’ve resisted.)


This bunny is fast and fun to knit up. :happydance:

Plus, Lion Brand has a slew of free baby patterns.