Quick and easy knitted pullover

Neck and shoulder shaping (working with 25 sts now)

1)Next row (WS) P7 sts, join another ball of yard and bind off 11 sts for neck, p to end. OK, done deal! I have a perfect neck with 7 sts on both sides. Then the trouble begins.

2)Next row (RS) With first ball of yarn…“my first ball is still on the WS at the end of the P7 sts”?..bind off first 3 sts, k to last 3 sts, ssk, k1.

When I joined the 2nd ball in 1) above I left the first ball there. Where did I go wrong?

Thank you, Cat

That’s all right. You’re going to work each shoulder separately. After the bound off stitches pick up the first ball and finish the row - that’s what it means by ‘purl to end’ - you just have a split row. Then turn and on the RS, BO 3, work to the last 3 sts and ssk, k1, and so forth.

You haven’t done anything wrong. It sounds like the pattern has confused yarn #1 which is on the other shoulder with yarn #2, the current working yarn at the tip of the needle. That’s assuming the the bind off of 3sts is the shoulder edge and the ssk is at the neck edge. Can you give us a pattern link or the name of the pattern? You can also figure this out be reading ahead and determining which is the shoulder shaping and which the neck shaping.

When it says ‘p to end’ it means to the end of the row and you’d have to pick up ball 1 and use that yarn to finish the split row.

Yes, but using yarn 2 to bind off and purl to end brings you to the [I]end[/I] of the WS row with yarn 2. You’d pick up yarn 2 to start the next row, the RS row.

Okay, I read it wrong. I thought the neck sts were bound off on the previous row.

So yes, catncarl, ignore the ‘1st ball of yarn’ and BO with that 2nd ball on the RS. Then skip over to the other shoulder and work with the 1st ball over there.