Quick ? about color change

i’m knitting a scarf and i’m using the suggested color change method. basically you cut the old yarn leaving a tail of 10-12 inches, knit a few stitches with the old yarn, then start knitting with the new yarn leaving a tail the same length. after the new yarn is secure, you tie a square knot with the tails and later weave in the ends. this is what mine looks like:

will the first three stitches fall back into the knitting once i’ve done the second row of burgundy? now that i’m really looking at it, it makes sense that it would. i just really want to make sure that’s what’s going to happen before i get to far to change it. [SIZE=“1”]the last time i had to frog a few rows i ended up frogging the entire thing. me and frogging just don’t get along! :frog:[/SIZE]

I either knit with both strands held together for a few sts or just start knitting with the new. I’m not that experienced, but it seems to me that those first few sts would show.

i just realized that i should have said the entire scarf is in garter st. that probably makes a difference.