Queston about felting and stitches used

I saw a bag pattern that I would like to make that is felted. I’ve never felted before but it looks cute. The thing about the pattern that I thought was odd was that part of it was knit in seed stitch. Now, I realize I’m being lazy but why on earth would it matter what stitch you use if you are just going to felt it anyway? The stitches don’t show so why not do it all in garter? Just wondering if anyone else sees logic in this.

Thats a good question! I’ll be interested in reading what others think. I’ve only felted one bag and it was an Entrelac bag. I was unable to felt it as much as I really wanted it to be so I can still see my stitches a little. But it came out nice just the same. :XX:

There is a difference between felted fabric made from garter stitch and the fabric made by seed stitch. There isn’t much difference between the seed stitch and Stockinette stitch felted fabric though. You may get slight bumps where the purls are but more than likly it would look the same. Maybe the seed stitch is stronger? If not I would go with Stockinette stitch. But then again that is just me being lazy :wink:

I really like seed stitch but that is a lot of extra work if you aren’t going to see it. However, It’s for a baby bag so maybe if seed is stronger than I should do it. babies need a lot of stuff!

I did one of my bags in garter stitch and the other in stockinette and there really isn’t much difference IMO. Personally I would go with whatever is easiest. You could also do a couple swatches and see what you think. Yarn and felting time could make the difference.