Questions regarding mini lace types 1+2

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey all,
Just a few questions regarding lace.
1: Can you form a lace sample and attach it to another jumper? To those that have done it, how effective did it look? Can I please see pictures?

2: I have seen very fine lace with very fine yarn. Could you do lace using for instance darning needles?

I ask these questions because I like knitting and sewing and want to combine the two.


Re: #1–how? could you make a lace edge (instead of ribbing at the hem–Yes

could you make a lace swatch and use it a pocket? maybe

could you make a lace swatch and inset it in center front like a medalion? again, maybe!

Re#2–some lace is done with lace weight yarn, some is done with cobweb weight yarn… (even finer than laceweight)

most lace is knit on slightly larger needles than you’d expect–lace wieght is frequently knit on 3.5mm to 4.5mm needles and blocked heavily to stretch out the lace

cobweb weight yarn is often knit with 3mm to 4mm needles

and it too is blocked to better show off the lace.

i can’t imagine knitting with darning needles they are too short hold, (the fineness isn’t a problem…

some needles are super fine (2mm, 1.5 mm, 1mm!) (in US terms these are 0, 00, 0000!) but i don’t usually use these for lace!

can you sew store bought (or even real lace (ie bobbin lace) onto knitting–sure! but a jumper (that is in US a pullover sweater!) is pretty casual wear… and fine lace with casual (sports clothes) can work but fine lace with a pull over?
a cardigan/knit jacket would look better in MHO!

You can also knit lace on thicker yarn, fingering, sock, even sport and DK weight. Depends how you want to use it.