Questions on neck dec

A 4 row pattern
I am working the second size.
I work the 4 rows, then work the 4 rows again.

Can you confirm in the 2nd size, “work 7 rows dec 1 st at neck edge as before in next and every following 6th”
So, this is dec in rows 1 and 7
But following the pattern of 4 rows, row 7 would be row 3 of patt which has no dec.
Do I work row 1 patt as row 7?

For all 6 sizes, “cont patt without shaping…”
Do I work rows 3 and 4 of patt only, not all 4 rows of patt?


After working the 4 rows then repeat them as given (32sts). From then on, ignore the decrease given in row 1. You’ll only work the decreases on the next row and the following 6th row (30sts). You can insert the dec in the row or, as you say, work row 1 with the decrease. It’s the same thing.
Yes, row 1 is really just showing where to place the decrease. Since there is no longer any shaping rows 3 & 4 can be repeated here.

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Thank you for checking for me. It is as I thought but I’d hate to go wrong now after getting this far!
One thing I realise is thinking this lace section would be more difficult than a plain repeat stitch.