Questions on making patterns based on other patterns


I have a question about creating your own pattern.

Recently, I’ve been thinking that I want to make a knitting pattern on my own and sell it.

My question is, 'is it allowed to use the pattern from the book called ‘Japanese knitting stitch bible’ as a basis or inspiration?

I’ve already seen some people sell their pattern that’s directly from a pattern from that book - with very minor change (e.g same pattern and different garment type, etc)

I want to make new patterns based on some of the patterns from this book and I’m wondering if I’m trying to do something that I shouldn’t do.

Hope I can get some clear advice from you all.

Many thanks.

These patterns are meant to be incorporated into other projects but I’m not sure about the sale.

This is a link to a review. You might check the back of the title page or message the author of the book or the writer of the above review just to be absolutely certain.


Usually published books have a copyright statement near the beginning of the book. There is usually a way to contact the author or their representative to request use of part of a publication (as salmonmac said). If you have the book you could look through the early pages to find copyright and contact info.

Will do! Thank you!

Yes, I contacted them already, hope I can get the answer soon. Thanks for your help!

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