Questions on Designing Patterns

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been wondering this for quite some time and I have not seen it addressed in the other pattern copyright discussion threads…so hopefully I’m not repeating a previous thread.
I know that there are several books on stitches which usually show a swatch of that stitch. My question is that if I knit an afghan out of several different blocks using these different stitch types out of a book, stitches such as moss, seed, basketweave etc. Am I designing my own pattern on the afghan as a whole because of the different ways I put the blocks together and colors I use? Or because I’m using “published” stitches will this never officially be my own pattern?
Are these types of stitches considered copyrighted patterns? Or are they just general stitches that anyone can use for any purpose without worrying about stealing someone elses idea?
Hopefully this question makes sense. Thanks for your help!!

This might help

Thanks so much Kemp, that was very helpful. :hug:

You’re welcome! It’s very interesting to read all the legal sutff about this subject.