Questions on a Hat for My Grandma

I have just begun knitting this summer and I have recently gotten a circular needle. I have been learning to make hats and have been able to make some very basic ones. My mom has brought up the idea to knit some hats for my grandma who is taking chemo treatments.
I have only been using worsted weight yarn, but I was wanting to use a softer yarn. I only have size 8 circular needles in I think 29 inches, but have been using the magic loop method. I also have size 6 and 8 flat needles.
If anyone could recomend a soft yarn that is easy to work with that knits well on size 8 needles. I would also appreciate any suggestions on any yarn or patterns. I am open to buying needles or yarn that would be more suitable.
I would like the hats to be warm, because its going to get pretty cold soon. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

There’s caron simply soft for a very soft, easily washed yarn.

I like the Bernat Satins, they are super soft and wash well.

I have also seen lots of chemo caps done in cotton. I think it helps the scalp to breath better. There are several really soft cottons out there.


Since you mentioned that you are open to buying needles, I would check out the Knit Picks website. I prefer to knit hats on 16" circulars and finish the crowns with DPNs. The KP’s fixed circulars are very reasonably priced. They also have some inexpensive yarns. I would stay away from any alpaca or alpaca blend. Personally, I find them itchy (others do not).

Maybe Cotlin (cotton linen blend) or Swish (superwash merino)?


thanks so much for the help!:slight_smile: