Questions from a new knitter!

I’m new to knitting and am just on my first project - the scarf and have encountered a few problems!!

The edges on scarf seem a little loose, i don’t mind for this project but in future am wondering if it’s something i’m doing wrong? I asked a friend and she said you don’t knit the first stitch of each row? I haven’t read this anywhere else though so not sure if this is a good method?!


You can slip the first stitch and then knit the last stitch to keep the edges smooth.

That happens, so you’re not really doing anything wrong, you just need to learn a couple tricks to prevent it. One is slipping the first st, but that doesn’t work for me; my sts wind up looser than just knitting them. So I knit or purl the first st, then pull the yarn a little, and work the next couple sts a little tighter. Pulling the yarn tugs up the extra from the end of the previous row (right under that first stitch), and seems to work for me.

great thank you i’m going to try that! I’m making baby booties for my next project so want to make sure i get it right!