Questions for knitting a mitten pattern

Ok, I’m almost ready to take the next step…from scarves and simple ribbed hats to my first mittens…

I’m choosing this pattern for my first:

However, there’s a lot of things I don’t know how to do. Here are my questions:

  1. Gauge: This is stranded knitting, this is what the pattern says: 24 stitches/28 rows= 4 inches in stranded colorwork pattern.

Now I know how to do this gauge to compensate for circular knitting…but do I have to use stranded knitting when making my gauge? that would just take forever…but is it the best way to be sure I have the right gauge? What do people do in this situation?

  1. Gusset Question, from pattern “K3 in patt, place marker, m1, k1, m1,place marker, k to end of round in patt.” When I m1, how do I account for the fact I am following a pattern, do I ignore it and just make an increase with whatever color I am currently using? The next round you must “Work sts between markers foll Chart B, incorporate new sts into patt.” What does it mean to incorporate new sts in pattern?

  2. “CO 5 sts over gap” I just know how to do a long tail cast on. What should I learn for this step? the knitting-on method? any other way?

  3. “While working decreases to shape top of mitten, it will not be possible to maintain color pattern exactly. Try to maintain the vertical bands of color as much as possible.” How exactly do I go about doing this?

  4. for thumb: “Place held sts from thumb on needles.
    Using MC, pick up and K 7 sts from CO above thumb gap, and from spaces between CO and held sts. 22[24] sts on needles.” Am I picking up all these stitches with one single needle and then transfering them to 2 more needles and joining? can anyone further elaborate on how I go from a stitch holder to the usual 3 needle setup for knitting in the round? and when it says pick up and k7 it simply means insert the needle in 7 places and wrap yarn around and pull through? that counts as pick up and k? Or I have to pick up and then knit what I have picked up??

Sorry for the plethora of questions at once but once done I’ll have unravelled some of the mystery behind mittens for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help!

  1. Stranded knitting can affect the gauge tremendously, much moreso than knitting in the round, so the stranding is important.

  2. You’ll probably be able to tell what that stitch should be when you get to it, and after that, fit it into the chart pattern. Again, you’ll be clearer when you get there.

  3. You can do the knitted cast on or backwards loop–any single strand cast on will work.

  4. Once again, you’ll see what looks best when you get there.

  5. ‘Pick up and knit’ is the same as ‘pick up’. You’ll pick these up with one needle and then distribute these with your thumb stitches that are held (the gusset stitches) evenly on three needles to knit the thumb in the round.

As you see the mitten taking shape, the directions make a lot more sense!

Once again Ingrid, thanks for lighting the way :slight_smile:

When I do my gauge, do I strand exactly as shown in the pattern, or (granting my two yarns are of equal weight), just use the other end yarn I am using for my gauge and strand every 2-3 stitches?

Thanks again for the help!

You can use any yarn for the swatch, but it might be good to get a little practice in. It’s a mitten after all, not a fitted camisole. :shrug: