Questions for Art Lady

I am wondering how many sweaters have you knitted? Do you keep most of them or give any away? And how often do you wear them? Whenever I read your posts I am amazed at the number of projects you do and how fast you knit. Do you have carpal tunnel or any problems with all that knitting?
Just wondered!

I’m just posting to let you know that Artlady can only read posts here but not reply until she gets back from vacation on Tuesday. I’m sure she’ll be happy to reply at that time.

Thanks Suzeeq! I wish I could post from my Verizon Samsung Saga phone, but can’t! Not all phones work well with Ravelry either. I can post in Ravelry using OPERA and my Saga phone.
But not here, except to click the “Thanks” button. Oy!

I can’t remember how many sweaters I’ve knitted! Since the invention of Ravelry, however, I’ve been able to keep all my knitting in one place! I joined in August 2007, so that’s sorta when I started organizing my knitting journey, too!

So far, there are 189 projects in my Rav folder, but not all are sweaters! About 100 are a sweater of some sort! Cardigans, pullovers, hoodies, cami-tanks and vests. If you visit my project ‘general’ page, I’ve got them sorted into different tabs. (baby-bags-blankets-cami/tanks-cardigans-hats-hoodies-kids-pullovers-scarves-vests). I wish there was more room for more tabs across the top, but there isn’t. So if you’re looking for my “vests”, just click that tab and the 7 of them will pop up. This organizational tool (at Rav) is real handy!

Take a peek!

I don’t have carpal tunnel, but I wear magnetic bracelets as a precaution. Magnetic worn on the wrists can completely prevent repetitive motion syndrome! It’s amazing.

I wear all of my sweaters, but let’s face it…I have favs! And some sweaters are ‘for good’ and some are ‘for everyday’ wear!

TheBettna is a fav! It’s a “toss on and out the door” kind of design! I’ve knit 6 of them.

I’ve knit A LOT of gifts for my children, grandchildren, family and friends. I don’t knit for hire. I’m so happy that I started taking photos of my knitting (and my stash)! Before Rav…I didn’t really.

I think we’ve all been there. We can’t even remember half of what we’ve knit because there isn’t a photo of it! Oy! My daughters sometimes remind me of a sweater I knit for one of their babies…and I can hardly picture it! Oh how I wish I’d taken photos of all those adorable baby knits!

Hi! :waving:

Thanks for sharing some of your knitting life with us! I, too, have been amazed at the things you’ve posted on here and wondered if you’ve somehow figured out how to knit in your sleep! Wowser! (If you have, please share! :roflhard: )

And your Katie is ADORABLE! Is she a Lhasa Apso? She looks so much like our Budda who passed on to Best Friend Heaven a couple of years ago.

Well, carry on, keep those needles flying along and please keep posting your projects! They ALWAYS give me a lift and I’m sure they inspire other readers, too!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :o)

I knit really, [B]really[/B] slow and take breaks, sometimes for days on end, because anything more causes me tendonitis.
Where does one look for magnetic bracelets?

Welcome home! :happydance:

[quote=Lana;1294498Where does one look for magnetic bracelets?[/quote]

A company called NIKKEN has them. My husband and I are NIKKEN representatives, but really only use our rep privileges to get stuff for ourselves and family. So, my point is…this message isn’t a “plug” for our business.

Here is a linkto the NIKKEN page that shows Advanced Magnetic Technology. I have two of the sport (green) bracelets, one for each wrist…and sometimes if my shoulders or neck are aching, I undo the bracelets and pop them together and wear them as a necklace. Not tight! Perfect fit around the neck!The bracelets are called Functional Jewelry on the list of Advanced Magnetic Technology.
If you are interested in the bracelets, I think you need a Rep ID number. If that’s still true, PM me and I’ll give you our Rep ID.

Katie is a Shih Tzu! She’s 5 in December.

Before Katie, we did own a Lhasa Apso, Emily. She lived to be 15. At the same time, we also owned a blonde Shih Tzu, Bear. He died in 2003. Emily died in Feb 2005.

My husband got Katie for me 2 days after Emily died. I was a mess. Almost non-functioning. It was so strange. He couldn’t take it. Katie brought me back to the land of the living! It is amazing…you cannot fail to respond to the love and vitality of a puppy!

Katie is Emily and Bear rolled into one little package.

I love that sweater, but I’m not sure there is anything else in the book that makes it worth buying for me. (I looked at some of the patterns they had listed on KP.)

Thanks for the reply ArtLady. I can’t look at the Ravelry page because I’m not a member but the other sweater was very nice. I always enjoy reading your post and seeing the photos of what you have done. Your output just amazes me!
I also looked at the nikken website and it looks like you can purchase from that. I would like to try one of the bracelets as I have carpal tunnel, and have had problems with numbness in my hands as well as tendonitis and a bone spur in rt. elbow. Not to mention arthritis. It just gets frustrating not to do as much as I would like but years of water hauling, using a chain saw, dog mushing, and living the outdoor life did not help.
Anyway thank you for the info.

Hi! :waving:

I swear I think Lhasa’s and Shih Tzu’s are first cousins! I’m always calling one little darling by the other one’s breed! Truth is, they’re both gorgeous and loving!

We had our Budda for over 17 years. She’d developed diabetes over a year before she passed but I managed to maintain her comfort level with two insulin shots a day for quite awhile. I did it because somehow I knew she wasn’t ready to leave yet. But she also let me know when she [I]was[/I] ready to head across that Best Friend Bridge and that’s when we could wish her godspeed and help her go.
So I can relate to how much you were hurting. And, yes, a new puppy has so much energy and pure joy it’s hard to be sad around them. Love to Katie!

I checked out the sweater and it’s wonderful. What a great sweater. I’m going to have to find the pattern and work on at least one :thumbsup: as soon as the book I’m doing is finished.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy knitting,