Questions for all lace knitters out there

I bought this extra fine yarn… almost like a lace yarn…i believe it wool…those soft kind…

It breaks easily…my question is can i knit lace sock with just using one strand or two strand together ?? would it break easily if i just use one strand knitting a shawl or sock ??

thank you !

Knitting it up will add strength to the yarn, but it sounds like a pretty delicate lace yarn. It would be best suited for a shawl, lace scarf, maybe even gloves, but not sturdy enough for socks… at least not any you could wear. Sock yarn really needs to be rather durable because of all knitted items, they get the most direct abuse. Some knitters even add extra durability to sock yarn by knitting the heel and toes with an additional strand of nylon thread.

hmm…it seems that no luck for lacy panty hose then… i will do it on shawl then

thank you

If i used it for shawl knitting …when using lace yarn…one strand or two strands ??

thank you for your advice

That depends on your pattern, gauge, needle size and what you want the finished shawl to look like.

will it be too weak to use one strand ??? or once it knitted it strong …??

As Silver said it will be stronger once you knit it up, however, as she also said, it will depend greatly on the pattern that you are using. Some lace might not look right with two strands of yarn, but that depends on the pattern. Have you searched for any patterns yet?

I haven’t seen or felt the yarn you’re working with so it’s impossible for me to give you a definitive answer. But, in my experience, if the yarn is marketed as yarn… lace weight or not, it should be perfectly fine to knit with one strand for a lace shawl. That’s what it’s MADE for.

If this particular yarn you have is so fragile that it won’t even hold up to knitting, then it’s best suited as a pretty skein in your yarn basket. But, I’m telling you, if it’s yarn, then you can use it as yarn. And knit with it. Single, double, OR triple stranded… whatever you want to do with it.

thank you

i will try it out and keep u posted …thank you :muah:

You could always just do a swatch and see how it holds up. Wash the swatch and block it and see what happens??? :shrug: