Questions for abbreviations

Wow these abbreviations are confusing: k 6 ,k2tog / k 5 ,k2tog and so on.K1P1 / K3 rounds .If you know what these mean please explain.

Knit 6 sts, k2 sts together (a decrease, look on the Decreases page) k5 stitches, k2 sts tog, knit 1, p1. When you work in the round they’re called rounds instead of rows, so knit 3 rounds is like knitting 3 rows.

thanks but what does p1 mean?

Purl 1 stitch :thumbsup:

The abbreviations - p k tog - are all explained on the Glossary page. I meant to type out ‘purl 1’ in my post above, but forgot to.

thanks so how do i do a k1p1? would I knitt one then purl one continuously?

First knit a stitch, move the yarn to the front between the needle tips, then purl a stitch. Move the yarn to the back to knit the next, move yarn to front to purl it. Keep going back and forth across the row. This video shows how to do it.

Thank a bunches!!:woohoo: