Questions about yarn

I just bought Farmhouse Yarns, LLC ‘I am allergic to wool’ yarn x 2 hanks. It is 1/2 pound, 150 yds.(per hank), US 10-11 needles 2 to 2 1/2 stitches per inch. It is 85% Cotton, 15% Rayon.

A few questions:
Is this considered Super Bulky yarn?
What can I knit with 300 yds of it (Ravelry wasn’t the greatest help)?


Yes, it’s super bulky or sometimes called chunky. You can knit a throw with it, or a vest

I don’t know what you can make, but I had to say how beautiful that yarn is! What color did you get? Did you order it or buy it at a LYS? Let us know what you decide to make. The vest idea sounds interesting.

I actually bought it from my LYS… I got the Khaki colorway. I decided to knit a cozy triangular shawl with is. It seems like the perfect weight for a shawl to wear on a winter’s day with a cup of hot cocoa, a good book or my knitting and a comfy chair.